Personal karma Healing mentoring
Living fullfilling and successful business and private relationships!

What is a personal Karma Healing mentoring?

The causes for sorrowful relationships (energetic entanglements) in business and private life can result from imprints from the parental home, from the ancestors, cultural and social characteristics, religious dogmas, entanglements from previous lives (karmic blockades) etc. During my mentoring I act as a medium and I receive from the spiritual world exactly the information about the causes and triggers of the client’s current blockades .

The next steps involve recognizing the unsolved learning habits and dissolving the resulting negative belief patterns and wounded feelings.

My mentoring serves as personality and consciousness development.

The spiritual world and I accompany you with pleasure on your way.

“”Why is intensive mentoring so important?

The karmic dissolution of blockades is comparable to learning a foreign language. If you do not regularly learn vocabulary, grammar and practice speaking the language, then only the respective success will take place in practice. That means, in order to learn a language successfully, you have to stick with it, learn the basics, practice, practice and practice again. As a former foreign language correspondent, I am speaking here from my own experience! Now that we are at the beginning of the Age of Aquarius, souls are being asked to look at their unresolved learning patterns from the past and dissolve them. These are responsible for the triggering of the painful relationships! During my intensive mentoring the karmic blockades always come to light, which are now important for the dissolution of the sorrowful life events for the client.

Already on day 1 of the mentoring, approximately 4-6 karmic involvements are dissolved, which are responsible for the current sorrowful relationships, both on personal and professional level. For effective transformation of further karmic entanglements I recommend a personal “karma healing mentoring package”.

Working on the karmic dissolution of blockades is transformational work. It is possible to book a single package in order to get to know the karmic blockade dissolution work. In the karmic dissolution mentoring the entanglements from previous lifes are looked at, which are responsible for the current life situation. Furthermore, it is important to teach you the basics so that you can achieve permanent results and grow into self-responsibility. That means grow into autonomy and  independence.


It is very important to me personally that you can optimally and successfully dissolve your sorrowful relationships. In life you will always face challenges. That’s perfectly normal. The difference after my mentoring is that you know how to deal with it. And you no longer get stuck in suffering. I merely act as accompanist and mediator between you and the spiritual world. You are the one who decides whether you want to follow the path, whether you are able to forgive and to let go. The spiritual world and I accompany you with pleasure on your way.

I offer my mentoring at my home, by telephone or via  Zoom. Arrange your personal and free orientation meeting with me.

We get to know each other, discuss your current life situation and I can answer your questions individually.

My mentoring programs are always individually tailored to the client.

You want to live successful and fullfilling business and private reltionships?

Get to know karma healing. One session “personal karma healing mentoring” includes:


3 hours personal mentoring


30 minutes (follow-up) feedback talk


€ 899,- (included value added tax)


For booking please send an email to:

The karmic dissolution mentoring takes place on the client’s own responsibility and does not replace any medical or psychotherapeutic treatment.

After you got to know to karmic healing you can book special tailored programs for your current life situation. Together we talk about what would be the best for you know. As we are all individual souls individual programs are important.

Arrange your personal orientation interview with me now! 

 Find clarity about your current life situation and get to know possible solutions.