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Heal your Karma with love and become the best version of yourself in Business and Private life.

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Heal you Karma
with Love


Do you have huge obstacles in your path through life?

Can’t you find an explanation for them?
Have you already tried many methods?

If so, the causes may be karmic entanglements from previous lives. This book explains karma in a simple and earthly way. You will find clear and understandable information in this book about how blockades from past lives (karma) can arise. By means of diagrams and simple explanations you will become aware that karmic entanglements are energetic connections. Case studies from practice will give you the opportunity to get a personal understanding of how karma shows up as blockades on a person’s life path and what effects they can have. Furthermore, you will find dissolving techniques from energy work, spiritual healing and inner child healing, for karma transformation, dissolution and healing, which will enable you to dissolve your blockages. Another component is the healing of karmically burdened places and the release of bound souls.

This is the ideal reference book for everyday use, with the healing methods of the New Age.

Do you feel unloved, lonely, powerless, dependent and worthless?

Would you like to live successful relationships??

Do feel ended up in a dead end?

Don’t you know what to do?

A couple of years ago I was exactly in this situation. From my own path I can assure you that it’s possible to live successful private and business relationships. There are reasons why we suffer. We can find the cause for them in our past lives. And our past live begins allready in the current incarnation of our soul. 

The past life starts already after one second = KARMA = SUM of our hole journey of this incarnation and former incarnations.

Our soul incarnates into a human body and plays a lot of different roles. Before we come to planet earth we decide with our spirtual guides what we want to learn. We decide which parents, the country, the culture …

During our life time we make a lot of experiences which are responsible for our believe patterns and feelings who steers our life unconsciously.


With what I have learned from this textbook by Tanya Schindelin, I now know that it must have been so that I came across her book Karma 2.0 this year. Step by step and in very understandable language, Mrs. Schindelin explains what blockages are, how they still consist of previous lives, how these karmic entanglements affect in the present and how we finally recognize and dissolve them.

Karma 2.0 is a workbook with numerous case studies from the author’s daily practice. The pictorial descriptions of the numerous practical examples have also helped me to recognize the patterns of my own entanglements. The tools and methods, which Tanya Schindelin explains and teaches in detail, have guided me through meditations, daily chakra balancing, inner child work, various aura protection techniques and also deprogramming techniques. As a reader, I felt helped and guided. Mrs. Schindelin has written the individual chapters with a great deal of empathy. And although the book is an integral part of my daily life and I have learned a lot, I wanted to delve deeper into the causes and solutions of my entanglements and wanted to know where I stand.

So since autumn of this year I have been taking part in the course of Mrs. Schindelin “Karma Healing Practitioner II”. And I can only say that Tanya Schindelin has far exceeded my expectations with her course! It is mind- and lifechanging.

“I just didn’t know what to do next professionally. No matter what I did, everything was always wrong. On the way to finding solutions, a friend told me that it might have to do with negative karma. I searched the Internet under Karma and found Tanya Schindelin. I booked a personal orientation interviw with her and found confirmation that my problems had to do with my karma from past lives. So I standed with Tanya healing my karmic blockages. In her karma coaching was her book “Karma wandeln ,auflösen, heilen 2.0” -English Version “Heal your karma with love”-included.

This book is an absolute must-have. I have known the author Tanya Schindelin personally for a long time and have all her books (in german). It is not a book to read, no it is a wonderful companion for every day….for life. The author always manages to write her books in simple and easy-to-understand language. This book shows you the way inwards, sheds light on darkness and creates clarity. I find the entire instructions-tools and methods very professional. Heal your karma with love- immerse yourself in this wonderful book. Work with it and see what cause and effect it is all about. The beautiful soul pictures are unique and touch the heart. The author’s pictures are very authentic and personal. I think it is great and know how much work it was to translate this book into english. Thank you dear Tanya Schindelin for your heart books. I can only recommend the book and the author.

The graphic bellow shows you, where your believe patterns and feelings can be found
in your energetic field.

Mental Body: Here are all the imprints, beliefs, dogmas and experiences stored that affect your thinking and your mental attitude towards yourself and allow you to act in your decisions towards your environment.

Emotional Body: Location of all positive and hurted feelings.

Etheric Body: The sum of your thoughts and feelings (your soul, your own individual being, your “I am,” your character) make up your physical world on Earth. This affects both your physical body and the design of your environment, i.e. which friends and those you know, your profession, all your experiences that you make professionally and privately. The way you think and feel, so you manifest your life (cause-effect).

Mental Body + Emotional Body = Etheric Body on the physical plane

Astral Plane: Transformation level (intersection) between immaterial (subtle) and material (material) level. On the physical level, the heart area (astralebe-ne) serves as a mirror axis, i.e. the subtle level mirrored on the physical level.

Mental Body + Emotional Body = Etheric Body on the subtle level

Karma Transformation

is a method to change your life.

Especially 45 % negative believe patterns, 45 % hurted feelings and 10% energetic entanglements are responsible for our suffering in relationships in private or business.

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