Karma Healing Mentoring - Living happy relationships

The causes for sorrowful relationships (energetic entanglements) in business and private life can result from imprints from the parental home, from the ancestors, cultural and social characteristics, religious dogmas, entanglements from previous lives (karmic blockades) etc. During my mentoring I act as a medium and I receive from the spiritual world exactly the information about the causes and triggers of the client's current blockades . The next steps involve recognizing the unsolved learning habits and dissolving the resulting negative belief patterns and wounded feelings. My mentoring serves as personality and consciousness development.


Karma Healing Mentoring trial offer

My  'get-to-know-package' trial offer for karma healing:

    • 180 minutes of karma healing mentoring with me by Skype or Zoom
    • 1 follow-up appointment by Skype or Zoom (30 minutes)

Your investment in your start in a new life: € 690.20 including VAT (the fee refers to Germany. € 580.00 net plus 19 % VAT). The value added tax depends on the country.

Note on the right of withdrawal (see order form):

I agree and expressly request that you begin the execution of the commissioned service "Karma Healing Mentoring" trial offer before the end of the cancellation period. This means for you that you can not exchange the introductory offer.



The karmic dissolution mentoring takes place on the client's own responsibility and does not replace any medical or psychotherapeutic treatment.