A couple of years ago I was exactly in this situation. (About me). From my own path I can assure you that it's possible to live happy and successful relationships. There are reasons why we suffer. We can find the cause for them in our past lives. The past life starts already after one second = KARMA = SUM of our hole journey of this incarnation and former incarnations.

Our soul incarnates into a human body and plays a lot of different roles. Before we come to planet earth we decide with our spirtual guides what we want to learn. We decide which parents, the country, the culture ...

During our life time we make a lot of experiences which are responsible for our believe patterns and feelings who steers our life unconsciously.

The graphic bellow shows you, where your believe patterns and feelings can be found in your energetic field.

Mental Body:

Here are all the imprints, beliefs, dogmas and experiences stored that affect your thinking and your mental attitude towards yourself and allow you to act in your decisions towards your environment.

Emotional Body: Location of all positive and hurted feelings.

Etheric Body:

The sum of your thoughts and feelings (your soul, your own individual being, your "I am," your character) make up your physical world on Earth. This affects both your physical body and the design of your environment, i.e. which friends and those you know, your profession, all your experiences that you make professionally and privately. The way you think and feel, so you manifest your life (cause-effect).

Mental Body + Emotional Body = Etheric Body on the physical plane

Astral Plane:

Transformation level (intersection) between immaterial (subtle) and material (material) level. On the physical level, the heart area (astralebe-ne) serves as a mirror axis, i.e. the subtle level mirrored on the physical level.

Mental Body + Emotional Body = Etheric Body on the subtle level


Especially the negative believe patterns and hurted feelings are responsible for our suffering in relationships in private or business. Mental - Karma healing is a method to change your life. For more information, please click here.

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